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Choosing Colour

One of the biggest dilemmas I face is how to choose colours when inspiration just doesn’t strike. There is a natural ebb and flow to creating, times when you are bubbling over with ideas and plans and other times when…
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Holiday Inspiration 

Having spent the last week in Skye and having been blessed with extraordinary weather.Incredible views and some incredible sights. Its been interesting visiting various crafters from yarn, dyers, potters, artists and weavers to see how the natural colours here have…
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Reset and Renew

Its the easter holidays in Scotland, as usual we took ages making our minds up about where we were planning to spend the time off. Three years ago we went to Skye with friends and loved it so we decided…
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Colour Consideration

This weekend I found myself with quite a stash of my pebble beads, I like to let a bowl full build up and then sit down and pick out colour combinations. There is something soothing about sorting and arranging the…
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