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Choosing Colour

One of the biggest dilemmas I face is how to choose colours when inspiration just doesn’t strike. There is a natural ebb and flow to creating, times when you are bubbling over with ideas and plans and other times when you become disillusioned and can’t seem to find your place.

Finding myself in exactly that position this week the pessimist in me wanted to say ‘thats it then, think how freeing it would be to just sell off everything and start over at something new’ and for a brief moment I can honestly say that it was an incredibly appealing thought. The business part of my brain kicked in and told me ‘you’ve spent 9 years at this, you can’t stop now, keep going, make something, anything, lots of things, sell sell sell’  Those two are not the best of bed fellows, they do not compliment one another, creating is one thing, creating to sell is an entirely different creature.

So, armed with my grumps I did what all disillusioned creative people do…. I opened Pinterest and had a good look at my colour board. I browsed design seeds and my glass stash and decided to make some colour combination test beads.


These are the combinations I pulled out of my stash, you will notice they are all opaque, I don’t like to work with just opaque glass, one of the things that drew me to glass as a medium is the depth that the transparent offers, even when etched. All of these combinations were layered with clear to give a little more depth, the clear also works to soften some of the harder tones.


I have a reasonable collection of glass now, there are some great colours, I have them stored within easy reach when I am working.

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  1. Loved this huni xxxxx

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