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Colour Consideration

This weekend I found myself with quite a stash of my pebble beads, I like to let a bowl full build up and then sit down and pick out colour combinations. There is something soothing about sorting and arranging the beads into different sets.

Looking at these beads I have been working with a lovely palette of muted greens, teals and soft pastel tones, I am always drawn to teals and soft turquoise they have been my ‘go to’ colours for quite a while. Its hard to break out of that cycle of reaching for those colours when I have the freedom to make what I want rather than orders. I think this week I will make it my goal to work with some colours that I wouldn’t normally. Of course that will mean some time on pinterest searching for inspiring pictures, colour combinations and ideas of pattern and texture….all in the name of research 😀

What are your ‘go to’ colours? what are your tracks of inspiration, your colour hunting ground?

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