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Hard Working Hands

As a creative person my hands take a great deal of punishment, I think that working in an outdoor workshop my hands are exposed to the cold at the start of the day, they get warmed by the torch and then suffer the cold again later, I have a little arthritis in my finger joints which can make them achy and sore, needless to say it doesn’t stop me but it does mean I should probably take much better care of my hands. Last year I bought myself a warming paraffin wax hand bath, basically you moisturise your hands and then submerse them in melted wax several times before wrapping them up and letting the heat soak in, its blissful and has the added bonus of hitting your hands with a blast of moisture.

I don’t have time to treat myself every day so on the days in between treatments I use a homemade hand balm, I know that lots of lamp workers use this, its good for treating etched beads too.

In a bain marie I melted the following ingredients:

20g raw organic cocoa butter

20g organic shea butter

10g beeswax

10g apricot oil

There are heaps of recipes online to make something like this, you can add a few drops of your favourite oil, I used peppermint (it smells of mint chocolate with the cocoa butter) you can substitute the apricot oil for coconut oil or any other nice quality oil. Once its all melted together you can mix it well and pour it into little pots for the perfect hand treat! Like any other tool, you need to take care of your hands 🙂

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