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Rare Days

It’s Saturday morning, nothing rare about that except for the fact that we have been blessed with a bluer than blue sky today, not a single cloud. It’s not a day for working, I’m sitting in the garden enjoying my coffee, listening to all the birds. It’s moments like this when all is well, there is calm, the sunshine has the ability to dissolve the worries and self doubt involved with running a business, earning a wage and just enjoy the “nowness” of sitting in the garden with coffee.

Have a peaceful weekend X 

2 thoughts on “Rare Days

  1. Hello Sally, I’m doing the same thing as you right now. Enjoying the beautiful sunshine here in PA, (USA). We have had rain for the last 2 weeks & more coming later today. Just wanted to let you know I love my little angle girl I bought from you & will like to buy some more of them when I can afford to do so. Have a blessed weekend.

    1. So glad you have beautiful weather too! Something special about those peaceful mornings isn’t there! So glad you love your doll, thank you for your kind words xx have a wonderful weekend xx

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