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Reset and Renew

Its the easter holidays in Scotland, as usual we took ages making our minds up about where we were planning to spend the time off. Three years ago we went to Skye with friends and loved it so we decided it was time to revisit.

One of the things I love about Scotland is the ease in which you can find somewhere remote to stay thats within reach of plenty of places to visit, this year we booked a small modern cottage on the northern most tip of the western peninsula, the cottage sits on a hillside looking out over  Loch Pooltiel. From the large living room windows I can see seals on the rocks below and watch the rabbits outside.

This break for me will be something of a reset switch, its easy to get bogged down with the day to day of making to sell, each time we take a trip like this I pack note books and sketch pads, pencils and paints in the vain hope that I will be filled with new ideas and my pads will come home overflowing. It doesn’t really work like that, this is switch off time, time when I will wake up early, make myself a cup of tea and relish watching a sunrise whilst the rest of the house sleeps, sitting in the silence that fills and bubbles over in places like this. There is no demand to be anything but here.


2 thoughts on “Reset and Renew

  1. What a lovely post Sally – I can just see you sat in that picture window, watching the world go by outside! Skye – and Scotland! – is such an amazing place. Hoping to make it there before summer! Enjoy the rest of your break.

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I can honestly say this is the most magical holiday we’ve had in a long time, so many incredible things to see and do! x

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