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One of the hardest parts of working for yourself is the constant need to evolve and being able to recognise when it needs to happen, maintain interest whilst being able to make things that bring you joy. Recently I have felt the need to shake things up a little so have decided to keep a seperate jewellery shop on my website, I’ve been adding some lovely charm necklaces with some beautiful charms I’ve made in the workshop and some gemstone elements. 

The first is ‘make a wish’ it features a stunning chrysoprase in the best summer colour ever, a small enamelled disc with leaves imprinted underneath the enamel and a soulsilver dandelion charm. 

The next is Luna, this has the sweetest carved bone moon face, a soft grey druzy Quartz and a pretty moon and star soulsilver charm, it reminds me of dawn when the sky has lightened to softest grey but the stars and moon are just visible. 

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One of the things I love most about what I do is the opportunities to diversify, as with so many other crafts, one often leads to another and another, in some respects its distracting, in others its a joy, I will never be at a loss for things to do, try, learn. It does on occasion leave me with a sense of panic that I will never have enough life time to experience or try out all the things I want to do.

Anyway I digress, this week I was having a long overdue tidy up in the workshop, and was distracted by some discarded copper sheet (my kids do this when I ask them to tidy their rooms, they always end up playing with forgotten toys and the room never gets cleaned) I started by cutting a circle of copper and using my sandbag and a ball pein hammer started hammer in a spiral from the centre ( its at this point I wish I had taken photos of the process) after repeatedly annealing the copper and gradually hammering until I reached the outer edges I ended up with a small copper dish, I know I haven’t done it properly because the edges of the dish shouldn’t be fluted so I must read up on properly sinking bowls.

Having left the project alone for a day I had another look at it and decided to enamel the centre, I have some lovely enamels that I use for glass beads, I layered them up and then heated the kiln, it has to get really hot for the enamel to melt. copperdish2

You have to be careful moving the unfired piece to the kiln so you don’t disturb the powdered enamel.


You can see from the second photo that the enamel has fired but there are still small spots of it where its moved slightly when I’ve placed it in the kiln.

When it comes to this type of work I am a complete novice, I really do need to read up more on the proper processes, but it was a fun distraction project and I am left with a pretty bowl that looks like it has a pool inside 🙂