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New Year

Its that start to the new year thing again…..I’m trying desperately hard not to make any resolutions other than to be healthier and try to balance work and life a little better, its harder than it sounds, not the balancing part but the not making any resolutions, I’m not dead set against them, I’m just terrible at keeping them and really don’t need the self imposed guilt trip!

So, my plans (not resolutions) for the new year are as follows:

  • Look up more, pay more attention to the gorgeous place I live and enjoy just being here and now!
  • Come up with some new and exciting ideas for beads (not quite sure how thats going to happen, I’m hoping that a dust mote of inspiration will strike, the stars will be aligned and all will be good!)
  • Try to be healthier, not just in my diet but I need to move more, the downside to shed life is largely not moving about enough.
  • Work outside my comfort zone, I want to try new things, things with glass, things with metal (theres other mediums I could add to this list but I really don’t need to start another hobby with all the paraphernalia that goes along with it!)

I think thats probably enough to be going on with 🙂 so I’m going to leave you with some of the photos I took on New Years Day, we took a trip to Glen Etive and it couldn’t have been more beautiful!