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Windswept Lost Girl

Its that time of year again, planning our easter break with the children we decided to revisit the Isle of Skye, we found the perfect isolated retreat with views across the water and few neighbouring houses.

With hope that we will get a chance to see the Aurora Borealis it got me thinking about capturing all that sky in the dress of one of my dolls, knowing that it would likely require some of the more costly glass I didn’t then want to cover that with hair and so I decided to revisit my Windswept Lost Girl. I can just see her standing on the cliff top letting the wind carry her cares away can’t you?


5 thoughts on “Windswept Lost Girl

  1. her dress is so pretty : )

  2. I love her! Her dress is magical. I hope you’ll share some photos of your vacation. I had to look up Isle of Skye, seems like another world!

    1. I certainly will Heather, Skye is such a beautiful place, wonderful views around every corner, I difficulty will be in getting me to stop sharing photos! 😀

    1. Thank you Rebecca 🙂

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