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Workspace Sharing

Recently my best friend moved house, like me she’s a lamp worker, her new place doesn’t have a shed, or workshop, no where for her to light her torch and melt until her hearts content. Lampwork is a meditative process, it can be restful and restorative, when you are told that you can’t do it, or you’re restricted for a period of time it can feel like your world has shrunk, like a part of you is cut off, with this in mind I offered my friend the use of my second torch.

I dont think I was really prepared for the benefits of shared workspace, I don’t think I was prepared to observe how differently someone else worked,prepared and used their tools. I have spent time with other people in their workspaces, I have taught people in mine, but this is different, my friend has the space set up in a particular way to suit her needs, where I am scattered she is neat, where I know where my tools sit and can just reach for them hers are laid out ready for use.

The week my friend took me up on my offer was a bad one, I was in a creative slump, feeling lost and directionless, contemplating all the other things I could take up without really seriously considering any of them it would have been really easy to resent someone invading my space, I didn’t, I actually enjoyed the company, the chatter and feeling of camaraderie, having someone on hand who totally understood my slump and didn’t utter the words ‘you should’. The silence wasn’t awkward, it was companionable, it was easy.

Having chatted at great length about being in a bit of a slump we decided to create ourselves a private Pinterest board for things that inspired us. It has proven already to be a wonderful source of ideas, not only for colour combinations but for patterns and structures of beads, my favourites so far have been a series of totems, gorgeous brightly coloured poles with lots of pattern, you can see the pin here

Below you can see the dolls I have made inspired by those poles.





I think the best part of all of this is the genuine excitement and thrill of making something new, having someone wonderful to bounce ideas around with,  we have even been talking about collaborating on some projects 🙂

9 thoughts on “Workspace Sharing

  1. Love these – will they be going in your shop??

    1. They will be in this weekend 😀

    2. They will be in over the weekend Romaine 🙂

  2. Thanks fabulous Sal!! (the pinterest link doesn’t work, you did say the board was private, maybe that’s why?) LOVE the patterns and colors on the dolls! 🙂 And so glad you have a studio mate! That is something I adore about the retreat I do each year, having other creatives in the same space. Even if it’s only for a week – its always inspiring!

    1. I’ve updated the link Janice 🙂 thank you. Having a studio buddy for a bit really is like a breath of fresh air, it certainly stirs the creativity 🙂

  3. They are lovely Sally.
    My favourite is far right.
    Sending love xxxxx

    1. Thank you Karen x

  4. I have to say from the collector’s point of view you have come up with spectacular new ideas and revisited older ones! Looking into previous work, you have recreated some styles and they are different which actually makes them in fact “new ideas”.. I have heard you mention a slump in your creative process in the past, it does not last though because I quickly see new beads or jewelry. I love your totem beads they are unique and a bit funky..I am excited to see these and also what you will create in the future!!

  5. Oh Sally, how have I only just seen this? It’s lovely, thank you over and over for your generosity in sharing your space, you totally ‘get’ the need of the lampworker, and I think it’s so amazing of you to take care of this pretender to lampworking, I mean it’s such a gift for when I can take you up on it. Almost a year on and I’m still a bit bowled over XXX

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